Commercial Solutions to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Trion’s smoke eliminators are specifically designed to filter the air where people work and relax: restaurants, bars, taverns, clubs, bingo halls, offices, bowling centers, conference or computer rooms, break and waiting rooms, and designated smoking areas. Whatever type of space you have, Trion smoke eliminators can assist you.

Trion® electronic air cleaners easily attach directly to your home's heating and cooling system ductwork, passing recirculated air through the air cleaner. A permanent, washable, aluminum mesh pre-filter captures large particles in the air pulled in by the furnace blower.

Trion also offers humidification solutions for commercial applications. The centrifugal atomising humidifiers are installed onto the return duct where a superfine mist is generated, quickly absorbed into the air, and distributed into the home. The 707 can also operate as a free standing unit where a superfine mist is fed directly in to a room.

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