SE400E & SE800E Smoke Eliminators

Series 60 & 120 Smoke Eliminators


In food service and hospitality, anything that controls cigarette smoke and other airborne pollutants to make the customers' experience more enjoyable is a worthwhile investment.

The Series work in conjunction with existing heating and air conditioning systems and will fit in a 60 x 60 x 120 cm ceiling tile or surface mount.

The Series 60 and Series 120 are ideally suited to rooms where people work or relax such as restaurants, bars, office spaces, computer rooms, and designated smoking areas.


  • ARC Suppression Power Supply: Reduces annoying snapping noise and extends life of power supply
  • Low Profile Design: Provides appealing unit with no elaborate ductwork or installation
  • Fits in a ceiling panel or surface mounts
  • Removes up to 95% of tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, lint, bacteria and mold spores
  • Recirculates Clean Indoor Air: No expense to reheat or cool air, as required with exhaust fans
  • Service Indicator Light: Indicated when unit is due for cleaning or when there is a power supply failure
  • Hinged Access Doors: Easy to maintain and remove filters
  • Can be flush, surface, or wall mounted if desired