Space Saver - Electronic Air Cleaner

Space Saver - Electronic Air Cleaner


The Space Saver is a commercial air cleaner specifically designed for rooms and areas where people work or relax. The Space Saver is designed to be mounted to a solid or into a suspended ceiling. When mounted from a suspended ceiling it extends less than 100 mm into the room, dropping into one-half of a standard 60 x 120 cm ceiling tile. The low profile design provides an appealing unit that does not require elaborate ductwork or expensive installation.

The Space Saver has the capacity to help remove up to 95% of tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, lint, bacteria and mold spores from recirculated indoor air. It features “center suction” air intake and 4-side return air discharge, 3 speeds, and optional charcoal after-filter.

The Trion Space Saver is the ideal air cleaner for installations such as restaurants, bars and taverns, offices, conference rooms, computer rooms, designated smoking areas, medical institutions, waiting rooms and retail outlets.


  • Low Profile: Provides appealing unit with no expensive duct work installation
  • Coanda Air Pattern: Engineered for optimum air volume changes
  • Hinged Access: No tools required for quick and easy service
  • Remote Variable Speed Control (option): Adjustment at finger tips
  • “Forever Filter”™: No replacement cost/clean, dry and reinstall
  • Recirculates Indoor Air: No expense to reheat or cool air

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