Tridex Detergent

Tridex Detergent


Tridex is a heavy duty, industrial strength, concentrated alkaline liquid detergent formulation developed specifically for removal of stubborn airborne deposits that coat exposed ionising/collecting elements of electronic air cleaners. Deposits to be removed include tars from tobacco smoke, dirt, grease, dust, and other tenacious particulate matter which ordinarily is difficult to penetrate and make soluble with other common commercial detergents.


  • Freeze-Thaw Stable
  • Reasonable Low Foaming
  • Effective in Hard or Soft Water
  • Suspends Residue, Carbon Black Soots, Talc, Clay Dusts
  • Economical To Use
  • Good Rinsing Characteristics
  • Buffered and Triple Inhibitor System for Brass / Aluminum Surfaces
  • Safe Handling Characteristics
  • Stable When Used with Hot or Cold Water
  • Fast Acting in Penetrating, Lifting, and Dispersing Deposits
  • Emulsifies Oils, Carbonized Tars, Grease, and Chemical Residues
  • No Adverse Corrosive Effects to Air Cleaning Equipment

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